We offer the most up-to-date evidence based treatment and rehabilitation techniques.

Spinal manipulation and mobilisation

These are types of manual therapy interventions which are passive movements on the skeletal joints for therapeutic effects. This is normally to improve stiffness and pain in the spine.

Sport and Swedish massage

This is a mechanical manipulation of the skin and muscles which reduces stiffness and pain in structures within the body such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Deep transverse frictions

This is a transverse massage used for tendon injuries to remove tension and scarring.

Myofascial Release

This is a type of massage to manipulate a structure which lays above the muscle called Myofascia. This layer can often tighten up when there is a muscle tear or tension present in the patient.

Postural Re-correction

This uses all physiotherapy treatments and the main aim is to aid the patient back to a neutral posture as to ensure there is even forces around all joints in the human body when adapting static or active postures.

Motion Control

This uses all physiotherapy treatments and its main aim is for the spine to work in an optimum way so that it stays neutral throughout all active movements.

Electrotherapy Treatments

We offer the top of the range electrotherapy equipment with specialist treatment modes depending on each individual injury. This includes:


This is used to stimulate tissue beneath the skin using a high frequency ultrasound wave. This mode of treatment is used to break down knots and tension within muscles, ligaments and tendons.


This uses a medium frequency electrical signal which acts as a massage effect to stimulate muscles, tendons and nerves. It is used to increase blood flow and endorphins to the injury site to therefore promote a healing effect.

Combination therapy

This combines ultrasound and interferential therapy to give a more intense treatment which incorporates the benefits from both treatments.